Monday, March 8, 2010

Formwork – Test

The formwork was constructed by local carpenters using a locally available pine. The design was based on a rolling formwork design by Middleton. After some delays finishing the form and the mallets the testing began. Because it was late in the day, low section of wall under a window was selected to be the test wall.

Finishing one of the end-gates Loading the first course of earth 

It was immediately obvious that the timber was too green and soft for the number of braces used, as it started to flex in between the clamps on only the first course. As the ramming continued the foundation cap began to chip-off in a couple of places. A second course was added to one end section that wasn’t flexing and, before it was rammed firm, one of the end bolts pulled through.

Damage fromthe bolt pulling throughFirst wall test showing cracks from failing formwork

The rather paltry wall sample was left in place to see how it would fair in the elements and if it would firm up with time.