Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This one time, in Uganda...

This story of this house begins with a group of friends and collogues going for a weekender to Uganda. The eco lodge cabins that we stayed in were without electricity but still managed to provide a lovely hot bath with simple passive solar panels. Half jokingly, we started talking about how doable it would be to create something similar back in Rwink. This resulted in a wine fuelled pact to buy land and build houses together.

I'm not really sure how seriously we all took this idea at the time, but it developed a life of its own, and only two weeks later we were in the sector office handing over a brown paper bag full of Rwandan francs to our new neighbour.

A couple of months of contemplation researching and designing while away visiting our families leads us to where we are now: one fairly solid design, a plot of land, and two and a half months before the rains come.

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