Thursday, January 28, 2010

Early Design Phases - The Plans 2

The winning concept that came out of the redesigning process is a single unit with open living areas on one side and sleeping and bathing on the other. The building’s front and back elevations get progressively more closed as it moves towards the private areas; creating a pavilion-like airiness in the living area and maintaining a balance between fenestration and privacy in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Valley side elevation, showing screened in porch, master bed, and master bath. note that the stairs down to the valley side garden are not shown in the model
Road side elevation closeup, showing entrance porch, which will be screened,  and the living, dinning and kitchen area.
Plan view: living areas on left with porches front and back, master bed and bath front right, kids/guest bath and bedrooms back right.

This new design uses the same roof truss at an even 2m spacing across the structure. It incorporate more storage, and brings the private areas together. the gabled roof protects the earth walls better than the shed roof, and provides better shading from the western sun. The integrated porches will be screened to provide bug-free outdoor space and cross ventilation to the living area, which is critical because we’re building in a malaria zone.  while this design lacks some of the showmanship of the previous design, it does create a much more private and protect space with an open airy feel.

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