Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shower 2.0

Here is the new shower going into the hall bathroom, replacing the now defunct Brazilian-death-shower. After replacing the standard 2 handle faucets 3 times in 6 months we are switching over to brass shut-off valves for a bit of unbreakable industrial chic. A nice oversized low-flow rain showerhead, we will need this to minimize the drain on our tanks, as our water soon to be warmed by a lpg gas instant hotwater system.


  1. 'instant hotwater system' sounds suspiciously like that electric thing you allow in the shower with you...where there is water.

  2. The Brazilian Death Shower was exactly that; basicaly a 2000W hairdrier inside a shower head. (see the Power Shower for more details). The new system is seperate unit mounted in another room, that uses cooking gas (lpg/propane) from a bottle to heat water as it passes through it. it is very efficent and works even when the power is off ( the autostart and temp control electronics run off of batteries). it will be able to provide all the hotwater for both bathrooms, and most importanly will be able to deliver a steam'n-hot bath full of water, no matter what the power grid is doing. Next up is a water tower to increase our water capacity and provide water preasure without having to run the pump all the time.

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